Decking Installation

Installation is fast and most all of it is built On-Site.
Depending on the project it can be anchored to almost any existing structure or placed directrly on the floor. In case it is to be set on the ground; gravel, cement blocks, bricks or even natural stones can be set in place to provide a solid base at its location. When it is lifted off the ground or on uneven terrains a substructure made out of stilts and beams is built to level.The structure is a wooden frame made out of rafters and for the surface we usually recommend wood: Ipe, Iroco, pine, or others, finished with open-pore lasur, stained with a desired colour and protecting it against sunlight. Other surfaces can be recycled plastic, or prefabricated sinthetic materials.

Decking can be beautiful shaped platforms around pools, within gardens, as galleries, terraces or balconies and complemented with railings, catwalks, stairs, shutters, etc. Decks combine well with other materials such as granite, boulders, concrete blocks, and bricks, accompanying vegetation, gardens and waterfalls.

When erected as raised platforms, decks are lightweight and allow sunlight to go through them. They are built and integrated into the natural environment, without expensive foundations. Everything is done with no waste, no contaminants, nor damaging the landscape.