Wood is a noble, natural and versatile material. Our projects are custom made for each client. Within our capabilities and creativity we develop our work arrround these standart known structures.

Decking: It can be either simple or complex, with or without steps, high or at ground level, atached to existings or as independent structuressurrounding pools and more.
Pergolas: They are generally rectangular structures with vertical posts that form a shaded passage or sitting area. vegatation, shading materials or even retractible awenings can be added on top.
Gazebos: Usually hexagonal and roofed, sorrounded by railings with inerior benches.They provide a resting and lounging area also as an outdoor dining space.
Porches: Made from scratch or as en extension of an existing one. They are built to fit and provide an area and shelter next to the entrance of houses.
Benches: Either fixed, attached to de deck or other surfaces, or even as moveable free standing structures.
Stairs: Built when the decking is raised above ground or to allow access to different levels or áreas of a property.
Lattice: Characterized by its woven structure they are used to decorate railings, divide spaces or cover the high side of a deck. Also serve as a support for plants.
Railings: A necessary safety element to decking, especially if the decking in question is elevated. There can be made in many different styles
Planters: A decorative element that adds a touch of elegance if placed around the decking integrating the garden or yard.
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At Deckland we respect the environment and our products meet the sustainable forest rules and requirements.