A deck is made out of sligtly spaced planks. It is either supported on the ground or elevated and, made idealy for exteriors and is able to withstand any type of weather.

The name “deck” was originally applied to boats, but has eventually spread to the construction of exterior wood flooring in general. Hard tropical woods offer outstanding durability while technology is pine treatments has made it “unrottable” alowing it for exterior use.Decking can be constructed anywhere and its options are endless:

• Rural and urban households
• Small houses and large mansions
• On flat land or steep slopes
• Flooring for an outdoor porch
• Flooring for a sauna or hot tub
• Swimming pool surround
• Terraces with a pérgola or gazebo
• areas sorrounded by railing or fencing

The advantage of this type of outdoor project is that it can be done in several stages to adjust to your budget and without disturbing your home.
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